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GreenTheUK collaborates with farmers, local community groups and schools to help plant hundreds of thousands of trees.


Our planet’s future is dependent on the carbon capturing capacity of trees. In the UK, we need to plant 90-120 million trees per year to reach climate targets by 2050 (Committee on Climate Change, 2020).

Trees also improve mental and physical health, saving the NHS around £2.1 billion per year (Environment Agency, September 2020).


Wildlife and humans depend on trees for food and shelter - 80% of the Earth’s land biodiversity is found in forests (FAO, March 2020). Forestry provides jobs to many, yet we import around 80% of our timber from overseas (Forestry Statistics, 2021).

The UK has 13% tree cover compared to Europe’s average of 38%.


51% of the UK public experienced an increase in their level of happiness when in woodlands (Forest Research, 2021).

UK forests store around 1 billion tonnes of carbon, the equivalent of around 4 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (Forest Research, 2021).

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Projects you can support

Plant climate resilient trees


Plant trees in schools


Protect endangered woodland species