Wildlife projects

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Our aim is to support and celebrate the work of wildlife projects across the UK.

From oyster bed conservation to seagrass farming, tree planting to bee pollinator projects, we match companies to wildlifeprojects where they can make a visible difference:

GreenTheUK Partnerships

We are proud to partner with a range of professional and charitable organisations on a growing portfolio of projects:

The Royal Forestry Society is the largest and longest established education charity promoting the wise management of woods around the country. 

Project Seagrass is committed to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems and ensuring that the benefits they provide communities are sustained now and for the future.

Buglife is a charity dedicated to conservation, education, and policy change to protect insects, bugs, and invertebrates.

Curlew Action supports curlew recovery by advocating for conservation efforts, developing, and sharing resources for fieldworkers, and promoting wider natural history education.

Blue Marine aims to restore the status of the native oyster in Solent waters so that a healthy, self-sustaining oyster population is present to provide several key ecosystem services.

London Wildlife Trust is a registered charity founded in 1981, dedicated to protecting the capital's wildlife and wild spaces.

Heal is buying land to rewild it. The charity’s three pillars are nature recovery, climate change action and wellbeing.

Blue Marine aims to restore kelp forests, one of the most productive and biodiverse environments on the planet, along the Sussex coastline.