Our Story

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We started GreenTheUK because we believe that if we were all just a little bit greener then local communities, businesses and the country would benefit.

Rail and Trainhugger

GreenTheUK went to UK Rail Operators and asked if they would plant a tree for every journey. They said no.

So we went away and started up our sister company Trainhugger - one booking, one tree.

Property and UK timber

UK forestry meets only 15% of the nation’s timber demand. Much of that demand comes from housing and the rest of the wood is imported from abroad.

By working with the Royal Forestry Society and leading Estate Agents, we are facilitating the planting of hundreds of thousands of climate resilient trees in just one year. In time, these will be harvested and used for new UK houses, sequestering carbon and slowing the destruction of the rainforest.

Electric cars and wildflower meadows

Electric cars are better for the environment but across the country front gardens are being converted into car parks and green space is being lost.

We are looking to team up with an electric car brand so that, for every electric car sold, we can restore some wildflower meadows.

These wildlife corridors, mapped across the counry, will reconnect Britain's insects and wildlife so they can travel too.