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CrossCountry Trains

locationBattram Wood


date13 Jun 2022


Earlier this year, the CrossCountry Trains team came from all over the country to Battram Wood for a volunteering event. Since the Royal Forestry Society bought the site in 1998, when it was just a carrot field, they have established a multipurpose woodland from scratch, demonstrating how to create and run commercially viable and productive woodlands in crowded lowland Britain. Wildlife conservation, landscaping and recreation are integral components too, while combatting climate change is also promoted. As well as receiving a guided walk of this fascinating woodland, the CrossCountry Trains team undertook tree care, pruning and brash clearance using loppers and hand saws. They improved public routes through the area for local walkers as well as the outdoor classroom for school groups. They also planted some pear trees in the Millennium Circle in the centre of the wood for hungry walkers passing along the Miner’s Way.

The evolution of Battram Woods will carry on long into the future, with continued wise management and the support of locals and volunteers like CrossCountry Trains sure to result in the success of this long-term project, proving that creating woodlands can be economically and ecologically rewarding. This year, CrossCountry Trains has supported the planting of 5,000 climate resilient trees and 50,000 sq m of wildflowers.

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