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date01 Nov 2023


Despite rain and wind, a team from Donald Reid Group showed up in Maidenhead for a day of conservation and planting. The day began on Battlemead Common next to a fascinating wetland area surrounded by beautiful birds and wildlife. Nature reserve rangers, Tom and Maddie, showed the volunteer group the ropes. fter a tour of the site, the task was to scatter yellow rattle seed (aka “the meadow maker”) in the East Field, a historic grazing marsh sitting under an impressive view of the renowned Cliveden House. It was a challenge moving heavy hay bales in the rain! The afternoon was spent in Kidwell’s Park, just down the road from DRG’s office, planting plug plants around the pond as well as some pollinator friendly bulbs. This session was led by Jackie who oversees the biodiversity of the park. Now, the team will be able to return on their lunch breaks to enjoy the area in bloom.

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