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HH Global

locationHockeridge and Pancake Woods


date27 Mar 2024


HH Global came together from around the country despite a gloomy weather forecast to help manage Hockeridge and Pancake Woods. Even with some colleagues meeting face-to-face for the first time, it didn't take long for the woods to be filled with laughter as they took a walk through the centuries of history that the forest stands on. The weather took a turn for the worse as lunchtime rolled around, when the team was challenged to string up some tarps to create a makeshift tent. The engineering skills came out in full force, and before long everyone was able to have their lunch in a dry spot with a great view. In lucky timing, once the rain had cleared it was time to clear out a section of overgrown holly shrubs from the woodland. While not an invasive species, the holly could overgrow the forest, preventing sunlight from reaching the ground and stopping birds from flying through the underbrush. Armed with loppers, poppers, and bow saws, new pathways were cleared out and habitat piles created for insects and other small critters. To round off their work, James Spruce Springsteen, their very own blue spruce tree, was planted as part of creating a specimen tree avenue. Their tree will be monitored for decades to come, helping to decide if more blue spruce trees will be planted around the country. The work done by the HH Global team will go a long way to maintaining a healthier forest that continues to be a source of education, timber, and biodiversity. Having planted a further 1,600 trees in woodlands across the country and 300 trees in schools and community spaces, it was amazing to meet the supporters of this cause.

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