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To create and restore at least 150,000 hectares of flower-rich habitat across the UK to reverse the decline in pollinating insects.


Around the UK.


B-Lines is an award-winning, ground-breaking and landscape-scale solution to reverse the decline in pollinating insects. This is a bold and ambitious programme to identify opportunities for the creation and restoration of a national network of wildflower-rich habitats. B-Lines is a network of wildflower insect superhighways, mapped and delivered through partnerships. They are designed to reconnect our landscapes, enabling pollinators and other wildlife to move freely, and supporting nature’s recovery.

Everyone can, and should, get involved to help create the B-Lines network across the UK – to reconnect our fragmented landscape – for pollinators and for people:

- conserve our native pollinators and a range of other wildlife and contribute towards Biodiversity targets.

- help our wildlife respond to climate change by making it easier for them to move around.

- increase the number of insect pollinators and the benefits these bring to our farming sector (pollination being an important ‘ecosystem service’).

- bring nature to people.


Buglife, the Invertebrate Conservation Trust, is a charity dedicated to conservation, education, and policy change to protect insects, bugs, and invertebrates. Buglife conducts a variety of conservation work within the UK. Their current focus is pollinators and freshwater habitats. As the only custodian of many invertebrates, action is also taken to protect endangered UK species.

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